Wordings for RSVP Cards
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Use these wordings as a guideline to compose your own customised text for RSVP Cards. Click on an image and download the wordings of that particular card. This will be in doc file format.

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RSVP Cards

Standard card specifications

  Card Size (LxH) : 4.75" x 3.25"
  Envelope Size (LxH) : 5" x 3.50"

Standard paper specifications

  Card : Ivory (Cream) paper board
  Envelope : Ivory (Cream) paper
  Wordings can be edited as per requirement on downloaded file itself.
  Inform us of your chosen logo by typing logo number in the doc file.
  This number is available below each logo in our Logos section.
  You can also send customised text wordings.
  Contact us for customised Coordinated and Envelope RSVP card.
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